The word "energia" means force in action. 


  • FORCE - knowledge group.

  • ACTION - to produce an effect.

  • ENERGY - accomplishment.

To produce a result with knowledge = to ACCOMPLISH.

We work to be reference to our customers so that they can fulfill their dreams and goals. We are based on the constantly changing knowledge because we want to produce the best effect: your SUCCESS!

"Everything is ENERGY and that all there is to it."

- Albert Einstein


TRANSMITTING financial knowledge to immigrants and natives through our expertise;

POTENTIATING the eminent success of our customers through the best services and products on the market;

INSPIRING people, whether entrepreneurs or corporate employees, to seek financial independence and fulfill their dreams.


To be recognized as the company that most contributes to education, growth and financial security in an innovative way.


Transparency | Ethics | Integrity | Passion | Continuous evolution | Responsible action


Andrea Britto


Financial Advisor

Independent Representative

Entrepreneur, director and independent advisor on financial security for three years. She immigrated to Canada in 2007 and since then seeks to find new opportunities and inspirations every day. She offers her customers the best investments, insurance and financial management.

Amanda Britto

Marketing and Service to the Clientele

Working with advertising since 2012 and newly Permanent Resident  of Canada. Responsible for the marketing of Energy Finances and always seeking excellence in the contact and services provided to our clients.


Andrea Britto received the "HIGHLIGHT - BEST RECRUIT" trophy in May 2016 in the city of Toronto, Canada. She was one of 40 recruits (with less than 36 months of experience) with the best  performance among 400 participants from across Canada.

Andrea is an excellent counselor. She clarified all my doubts, and provided other important informations that we had never considered. Always very helpful, we felt really comfortable with her directions.

Andrea Britto is a pearl in the financial world! Through a sincere and welcoming smile, she is able to turn complex into simple and, above all, transmit confidence and transparency. Congratulations!

I always thought that financial adviser was something for the owners of great fortunes, but talking to Andrea Britto I found out that we poor mortals can also have access to this type of service. And the best of all, everything in Portuguese.