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Saúde financeira

Prepare for the meeting with your financial advisor:

1 - Evaluate your financial situation

Before meeting a representative, it is important to evaluate your financial situation. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Draw up your personal balance sheet. This will give you a precise evaluation of your financial situation (assets and debts). 

  • Use the budget simulator to determine the amount you can invest. 

  • Discover your tolerance to risk. This will help your financial services professional offer solutions that fit your profile.

- Will you be able to tolerate variations in the value of your investment portfolio, whether positive or negative? 

- Are you ready to see your investments lose value? Can you afford to? 

- Do you prefer a safe investment with a modest return or a riskier investment with a possibly higher return?


Such avenues for thought will help you determine your tolerance to risk.  Whatever your answers, the important thing is to be comfortable with your choices so that they do not become a source of stress.

Set your financial goals so that, during your meeting with a representative, you can focus on the things that are important to you – the objectives that will help you fulfill your dreams, the goals you want to attain. Here are some financial goals that might inspire you:

  • Buying a home; 

  • Planning personal or professional projects; 

  • Protecting your purchasing power in case you become seriously ill or disabled; 

  • Preparing for your retirement; 

  • Protecting your family from the financial consequences of death.

2 - Set your goals

3 - Prepare your questions

To help you, we have prepared 2 sets of questions. The first will help you know all about your representative on a professional level. The second specifically deals with your needs.

Often, because of a lack of preparation, we forget to ask important questions. This is why we suggest you make a list of the questions you want to ask your representative.

• Questions to ask your representative:                                   

- Which permits do you hold?  ​                       

- How many years have you been practicing this profession?                             

- Do I have to pay for your services?                    

- What services can you offer me?                      

• Questions related to your needs:           

- Do I need life insurance, health insurance or an investment program? 

- Do I need a complete financial plan? 

- Are these products appropriate for my needs?

- Can these products be modified according to my needs?

To help your representative determine the very best solutions for you, make sure to bring the following information or documents to your meeting:

  • How much personal and group insurance you have; 

  • Your income tax return; 

  • Your personal balance sheet;

  • Your budget.

4 - Have your financial information on hand

By arriving well prepared at your meeting with a representative, you will save time and be assured to get advice that is adapted to your personal situation.